Lewis-Goetz was asked to create an estimate for the replacement of 400 feet of steel cable belt in a large coke plant. Tears on the edges of the belt had the potential to catch the conveyor structure, which could cause catastrophic failure of the belt and shut down the entire system.


After examining the damage, Lewis-Goetz determined that repairs could be made in lieu of replacing the entire 400 feet of steel belt. Using an edge vulcanizer designed specifically for this application, Lewis-Goetz completed the necessary repairs to the belt and helped the plant avoid the cost of replacement.

Bottom Line

By presenting an alternative to replacement and making the repairs to the plant’s steel conveyor belt, Lewis-Goetz was able to save the customer an estimated $88,081 in replacement costs and avoid the possibility of a plant shutdown due to damage.

By repairing the belt instead of replacing it, Lewis-Goetz was able to save the customer $88,081 and avoid a possible shutdown.