The skirt board for a PR9 conveyor system lasted an average of two weeks before replacement due to abrasion from the conveyor belt. This abrasion also caused iron ore pellets to spill onto walkways in the plant, creating a safety hazard that required the cleanup services of an outside contractor.


Lewis-Goetz recommended a new urethane skirt board with enhanced abrasion resistance to contain iron ore spillage, lower maintenance costs and reduce belting and motor fatigue in the conveyor system. 2,800 feet of new skirt board was installed after a successful five-week trial.

Bottom Line

Lewis-Goetz was able to reduce the plant’s skirt board change-outs, eliminate a regular need for contracted cleanup services and avoid a safety hazard, resulting in an annual savings of $360,000.

By changing out the skirt board on the conveyor system, Lewis-Goetz reduced change-outs, which saves the customer $360,000 annually.